Dr. Dalrymple’s life long interest has been in the phenomena of soul and
the healing of soul, of psyche, of the inner life and imagination. In
ancient Greek “psyche” meant breath or butterfly—metaphors suggesting
the uniqueness of one’s inner life and its transformation. Likewise, “therapy”
meant “sitting with, attending to, nursing the gods and goddesses,” in other words
befriending the non-rational dimensions of life. Psychotherapy then would be the
attending to the story and images of these mythic, archetypal, and transpersonal
powers, presences, daimones which affect our conscious intentions.

Dr. Dalrymple has done this “attending to” and “sitting with” as a congregational
minister in the Northwest and New England, as a hospital chaplain in modern
medical and mental hospitals, as a Clinical Pastoral Education supervisor, as a
pastoral counselor and psychotherapist, and as a Diploma Jungian Psychoanalyst,
licensed and Board Certified. His practice over the years has included individual,
marital, family, couple, and group psychotherapy. Dr. Dalrymple has stepped into
“distance consultation” for those men and women seeking analytical reflection and
Jungian psychoanalysis via the visual immediacy of the Internet.

Dr. Dalrymple has been a leader in the psychoanalytic and Jungian fields. He has
served on the Board of the C.G. Jung Institute of Chicago in the roles of Treasurer,
Secretary, and Senior Faculty; he is currently a Board Member of the Chicago
Foundation for Analytical Psychology. He served in the 90s on the Board and as
Vice President of the National Association for the Advancement of Psychoanalysis
(NAAP). He was the first Chair of the American Board for Accreditation in
Psychoanalysis (ABAP, Inc.), 1996-2000.. He then became the Executive Director
of this accreditation agency which ensures integrity in psychoanalytic education
and training.

Dr. Dalrymple is Adjunct Faculty in the Religious Studies Dept. at Marshall
University. He has taught courses on “Religion and Depth Psychology,” “Jungian
and Post-Jungian Contributions to the Study of Religion,” “Religion, Mythology,
Soul,” and “Psychology of Religion.”
David has been a faculty member of the
Kentucky Psychoanalytic Institute in Louisville teaching the following courses:
“Ethics for Theory and Practice in Dynamic Psychotherapy,” “Depth
Psychotherapy,: “Hysteria in Theory and Practice,” “Introduction to Archetypal
Psychology,” “Jungian Dream Analysis,” “Theory and Practice of Jungian
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Dr. David J. Dalrymple

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